AdLunam — A promising IDO platform

2 min readJan 11, 2022


IDO platforms, also known as Crypto Launchpads, make available to the general public a possibility formerly reserved for “Whales” and large-scale investors. Regular investors can join in projects as early adopters and contributors ahead to their launch. Additionally, while the majority of projects struggle to secure sufficient funding for their projects, reputable IDO launchpads support these projects in attracting passionate investors that believe in the profitability and value of the crypto business. Notably, many investors struggle to determine if a project is authentic or not, as some project developers create fraudulent ventures in order to defraud investors.

Here Comes Adlunam

AdLunam is the industry’s first Proof-of-Attention Seedpad and IDO launchpad for the Web 3.0 Attention Economy that is integrated with NFT technology. Through Proof of Attention, AdLunam’s Cooperative Engage to Earn ecosystem rewards community engagement. Investor screening is extended beyond early-stage financing rounds using Dynamic NFT (DNFT) Investor Profiles, allowing projects to hand-pick top retail investors to receive airdrops, community prizes, ambassador and influencer programs, and IDO allocation.

AdLunam was founded by experienced blockchain entrepreneurs who have worked with over 200 firms in managerial and consulting roles, ranging from tokenomics to marketing and communications. AdLunam was created from the team’s detailed insider knowledge of the problems projects experience in getting off the ground. The team also sought to establish a platform that would allow the crypto community to monetize their interest in and participation in the investment opportunity. The mission of AdLunam is to establish a permanently engaged investor community that exchanges relational investment for capital allocation.

AdLunam is the only IDO launchpad that allocates by Proof-of-Attention. Make use of your Attention Rank. You already invest a lot of time and energy in crypto. It’s about time you got rewarded. Your time is valuable.
Investor value (via your Attention Rank) is marketable. If you don’t have enough cash to make excellent use of the allocation, work up to an NFT Attention Rank.

AdLunam is one of the very few launchpads that offer a Seedpad in addition to an IDO launchpad and give you access to deal flow at seed and private rounds.