EasyFi Farming Contract Audits completed by Halborn Security


EasyFi Network Farming Contract Audits completed by Halborn Security.

With this EasyFi completes another step towards full protocol reinstatement for EasyFi & soon expecting to go live with farming on new EasyFi App.

Audit Objectives:
👉 Ensure Smart Contracts functions for farming modules work as planned
👉 Identify potential security issues
👉 Validate Smart Contracts for extended safety
👉 Full audit report & risk mitigation actions

Audit Summary
🔹Conducted full Analysis of the contract codes
🔹Complete Vulnerability assessment done
🔹Adhered to best practices, &
🔹Risk analysis & mitigation for a smooth transition to go-live stage.

With this EasyFi Network are expecting to go-live with Farming!




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