EasyFi Integrates Coinbase Wallet on Layer 2 Money Markets

Wallet Integration Brief

  • Allow faster and cheaper transactions for millions of users on the wallet
  • Provide easier access to their funds on a widely used scaling layer 2 solution — Polygon
  • Enable new users from Coinbase to earn a yield of the supply of digital assets and experience passive income

Looking Ahead

  • Easyfi want to enable the millions of users on Coinbase Wallet to engage and explore lending, farming and staking on the EasyFi protocol.
  • In the coming weeks, EasyFi will continue to take steps to make it easier for users to access and interact with a variety of wallets that support Layer 2 Polygon network both on mobile and web.
  • EasyFi are also seeking to expand the number of strategies and support new deposit assets and wallets on the protocol.

CEO Speak



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