EasyFi Lending Protocol is Now Live on Polygon

EasyFi is extremely excited to announce that they are now LIVE with their Lending protocol with new money markets for supplies and borrowings on EasyFi.

Six collateral markets on our protocol on Polygon Network are now open for operations.

Please proceed to https://app.easyfi.network/#/lending to get started with the supply collaterals and borrow of assets on the EasyFi App.

This marks the completion of Milestone 1 — Full Protocol Launch as indicated in thier Q4 21 Roadmap earlier this year. This launch will soon be followed with the launch of markets on Binance Smart Chain and expansion to other blockchain networks.

Money Markets Live on Polygon

The first 6 collateral markets to be open for the users on their protocol on Polygon are as follows:

  • $MATIC
  • $USDC
  • $USDT
  • $DAI
  • $WETH (Wrapped Ether)
  • $WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin)

EasyFi are in the process of testing some other tokens as well, which we will add from time to time to enhance the lending markets.



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