EasyFi Network Dual Farming Program with DFYN

2 min readJun 24, 2021

EasyFi is happy to announce another initiative towards adding utility to its EZ token. The token will now also be available on Dfyn Network, through a new LP token farming program conducted on the Dfyn Network Dual Farm module on their exchange.

The Dual Farming pools on Dfyn allow users to stake LP tokens and earn rewards in 2 different tokens.

In this case users will get to Stake EZ/DFYN LP Tokens and Farm EZ as well as DFYN tokens.

EZ/DFYN LP Farming on Dfyn

  • In the EZ / DFYN LP pool — members of the EasyFi and Router communities will have the option to stake their EZ/DFYN LP tokens for a duration of 2 months and earn $EZ and $DFYN tokens as rewards.
  • This pool will have rewards worth $18000 each in $EZ and $DFYN tokens which will be distributed amongst all liquidity providers in proportion to their liquidity position in the pool.
  • In Dfyn dual farms, there is no lock-in period of assets and the rewards will accrue block-by-block
  • The rewards can be claimed and withdrawn anytime.

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