IndiGG announced a partnership with Open World FPS Web3 Game — Delysium

2 min readMay 24, 2022


Delysium is one of the first AAA quality open world FPS web3 games, which will be release soon. The game has got good reaction from the community in the closed beta test. IndiGG has observed that this will be an amazing web3 game, so they decided to partner up with Delysium in order to bring their game to thier community and scholars.

The core gameplay of the game revolves around PVP, PVE and the UGC editor which are represented via Battle mode, Adventure mode, and Creative mode.

Battle modes are part of the core gameplays in Delysium, including various PVP and PVE experiences. PVP modes specifically will contain three game modes — Casual Royale, Battle Royale, Open Battle, and in the future there will also be such modes as assault, raids, deathmatch, etc. As for PVE modes, there will be ranking ladder/mission/quests/dungeons and others in Delysium to provide players with growth experience.

In Creative Modes, Delysium will provide a set of different editors for different types of assets. Players can use all these editors to contribute content to the ecosystem of Delysium.

IndiGG has secured weapons and clothing NFTs for their community and scholars. These NFTs will expand the gameplay opportunities in Delysium for their community by giving them access to the upcoming web3 features of the game and give them the ability to have a better fashion sense than everyone else in the game.

This partnership with Delysium is a long term commitment where Indigg will help with the growth of the game when it’s ready for mass release by distributing it to the IndiGG and the wider gaming community through events and esport activities.