IndiGG announced partnership with Castle Crush a free to play strategy game.

1 min readJun 30, 2022


IndiGG announced partnership with Castle Crush — a free-to-play unique strategy game with over 75 million downloads.

Castle Crush is an epic strategy game were millions of players compete to see who thrives in an exciting battle field. This iOS & Android strategic combat game has been downloaded more than 75 million times to date, the studio said, with more than a million monthly active users. IndiGG ave bought 650+ NFTs to onboard the similar number of scholars into the game from the IndiGG community. The goal is to provide the best assets to the players & community members so that they can Play & Earn when the game launches as web3 version on Avalanche Network. Castle Crush mobile game already has a large user base from India. This partnership will enable IndiGG members to enjoy this tower defense + card collectible game in a web3 P2E mode. Initially about 650+ scholars will be onboarded in the first batch. They will be able to earn $ACS tokens.

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