IndiGG Partners with Incento to make Off Ramp a Breeze for Community

2 min readJun 21, 2022


IndiGG plans to onboard millions of gamers to web3 gaming space. They also wants to ensure that everybody can deal with their in-game rewards freely without much obstacles. Hence, they has announced partnership with Incento.

Incento backed by ConsenSys - Move money at the speed of the internet. It is digital payment services platform intended to send money across borders in a fastest & cheapest way, a cross border remittance app based on blockchain. More :

Incento is enabling users to seamlessly request payments from friends & businesses by just sharing a link through email or any messaging app. Here you can cash out crypto game earning to fiat. Just deposit your earned tokens and withdraw to your bank account instantly. With Incento you can also spend digitally on your favourite brands. You will be able to buy gift cards of more than 100 brands with your incento balance.

Incento’s app has already crossed over $50K in volume in it’s private beta & is ready to go public soon. It aims to be the “paypal” (or Paytm for Indian users) of web3 gaming at large. So with this partnership, Incento will allow a one stop solution for IndiGG community members to move around their crypto financial assets without much hassle. With this solution IndiGG community members will have the best experience in the web3 gaming industry.

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