IndiGG recently announced partnership with Phantom Galaxies one of the most awaited web3 games with complex combat systems & AAA visuals.

3 min readJun 17, 2022


IndiGG Partners with upcoming AAA Mech Shooter, Phantom Galaxies. Phantom Galaxies is an open-world mecha space opera action RPG with the biggest bad-ass mechas on the Blockchain. Phantom Galaxies will take players on a thrilling science fiction adventure to protect human colonies on the frontiers of known space.

Phantom Galaxies is an open-world mech combat game, currently in Alpha, developed by Blowfish Studios. Phantom Galaxies will be one of the first blockchain-based AAA game titles to launch with broad appeal to both traditional gaming enthusiasts and Web3 natives. Three of the four episodes of the Alpha version are available now, and early access to the Beta launch is expected to occur in Q3 2022. There are currently over 125,000 users actively playing the Alpha version of Phantom Galaxies and over 500,000 owners of the NFTs granting access to the Alpha game.

A number of strategic supporters invested in Phantom Galaxies during the Planet Private Sale, including Sequoia China, Liberty City Ventures, GameFi Ventures, Everest Ventures Group, Terrace Tower Group, MDDN Co (Joel and Benji Madden), Adrian Cheng, SMO Capital, Polygon Ventures, Dapper Labs, NFT Live + Cagyjan, Kingsway, 3Commas Capital, Double Peak, Mind Fund, Defi Cap, and others. A number of gaming guilds also participated, including Avocado DAO, YGG, and YGG SEA.

IndiGG is proud to announce that they are investing in 1 Large Planet along with about 100 Small Asteroids of Phantom Galaxies in order to give the IndiGG community a head start & other benefits in the game. Planets are key in-game assets for Phantom Galaxies, representing the game’s user-ownable real estate. Owning a planet allows IndiGG to build structures on said planet, such as marketplaces to sell items, hangers to store Starfighters, residential units to house guild members or refiners to harvest materials.

IndiGG have purchased Large Planet along with the 100 Asteroids that will go towards giving the IndiGG community a place to belong in the universe of Phantom Galaxy and reap the benefits of one of the top upcoming web3 games.


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