IndiGG & Rooter Web 3 Creator Program with a reward pool of $1 MN is still live.

2 min readJun 29, 2022


Rooter is Largest Indian Game Streaming Platform. A Platform for India’s 500 Million+ Gamers and Sports Fans. This web3 Creator Program between IndiGG & Rooter will help incubate, support & grow grassroots level streaming talent in India. The reward pool offered by Rooter will play an instrumental role to empower the IndiGG community to become a juggernaut in growing the web3 gaming ecosystem through live streaming & creation of education-based content. IndiGG aims to support both developers & gamers by bridging the gap between them. By teaming up with them, Rooter will get access to stream the web3 games in the IndiGG portfolio for Web3 gamers and make them a part of its gaming community.

A prize pool of $1mn to be distributed among 1000 blockchain gaming creators at IndiGG. Additionally, Rooter will also arrange for workshops & mentorship programs for the creators and help them monetise their content through its platform.

This program is open to both established as well as new streamers. If web3 games interest or intrigue you, this is the program for you. This program is still live

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