1 min readOct 6, 2020

Wolf Edge Calital, a prominent crypto investment fund, is now running a Matic Network validator node!

WolfEdge Capital is a multi-faceted cryptocurrency investment fund that also provides validator nodes, focusing on the most ambitious early-stage blockchain startups. They have forged strong relationships with blockchain networks, exchanges, hedge funds, investment funds, family offices, and syndicates.

Led by a team of highly experienced business, technology, and economic experts, WolfEdge Capital prides itself on their selectivity when it comes to choosing which projects to partner with; they only work with top-tier projects which they identify as having the most potential for growth and success.

WolfEdge Capital operates validator nodes on Skale, Kusama, Harmony, Akash, Tomochain, etc, and now operating a validator node for Matic Network. Beginning from the next phase of our staking rollout, MATIC holders will be able to delegate their tokens to WolfEdge Capital to generate a passive income via staking rewards.

With the addition of every new validator, Matic Network becomes stronger and more secure.